Reflection 6

Part 1: Thinking Puzzle 3

Thinking Puzzle [Photo]. Copyright Jenny Wakefield. Used with Permission

With week three of the thinking puzzle comes the final revelation of the remaining pieces of the above picture. We can now see that the two girls from the previous weeks are actually members of a large group of women, all wearing matching headwear. It can be noted that with the exception of one girl standing up, all of the workers in this picture are seated around tables with stacks of the tickets or cards from last week, as well as boxes of something. Several of these women appear to be wearing working gowns over their actual clothes, and appear to be of Indian or, in the case of the girl wearing the purple dress (bottom right), African descent. In the bottom right corner there is what looks to be coins of some kind divided up into separate stacks. There also is a line of predominantly men running parallel to the table that appears to come to a point at the top of the picture. Although everyone is in an enclosed environment, it does not appear to be a factory due to the lack of machinery. It can also be noted that while several of the women are staring towards the line of people on the left, the rest are facing their tables.

I previously believed this picture to be one of two things: seamstresses in a sweatshop, or an outdoor bazaar or flea market. After seeing the completed picture, we can now throw out the previous weeks’ thoughts on this possibly being a sweatshop as the rest of the photo shows no shirtwaists, textiles, or sewing machinery of any kind. It can also be concluded that this is not an outdoor flea market. My thoughts now wonder into the realm of these women possibly being medical assistants, and that the people in line are waiting to receive vaccinations or some kind. The boxes on the tables may contain possible syringes and vials or vaccine used to inoculate the people waiting in line. It is very tough to say as their are no signs or logos present in the photo to indicate such, or even suggest something else. Another thought I had was that this may be some form of disaster relief. The supplies on the tables appear to be mass produced to satisfy a substantial demand, and could possibly be supplies for victims of a possible natural disaster.

Now having a complete visual image at my disposal, I am now left wondering what the objects on the tables are. There appear to be boxes and stacks of cards or papers on the tables, but there is no legible writing or logos or signs to indicate what they are exactly. I feel as though this would be a key component to solving this puzzle. I am also left wondering what is going on beyond the glass at the top of the picture. The line appears to possibly continue on into the next room and out of sight. After three weeks of putting the pieces together, I am still unclear as to what exactly is going on in this photo.






Part 2: Thinking Critically Web



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