Reflection 1

Part 1:

Technology is a vital aspect of my daily life. I get on my laptop every day to check my emails, watch Youtube and online T.V. shows, find and download songs, read about sports, global, and entertainment news, among other things. I also use my Blackberry phone consistently in my daily life, more so than any other device I own. I send text messages to my family and friends to keep in touch with them and I make phone calls daily to other family members who are not up to date with technology as others. I also use my smartphone capabilities to check my emails, get on Facebook, or surf the web. My phone can also be used as a form of entertainment when I am on the bus or waiting for class to start because I can download games such as Brickbreaker or Tetris and play them.

Modern education has shifted from the classroom environment, to more of an online atmosphere. Internet and blended courses often have online assignments, and consist of viewing Power Points and other notes online, and communicating with the teacher or other students via email or instant message.

Technology will play a role in my major because I am a Criminal Justice major. As technology continues to improve, we are able to find new ways to solve crimes, advance policing and public safety, improve forensics, as well as improve the global database. Technology will also lead to new research on criminological theory and other aspects of the system.

My future will be largely based around technology as the quality and quantity continues to expand. I want to be a police officer so technology will help me by enabling DNA and forensic work, improving dispatch, and many other ways. Police work is heavily reliant on computer work and analysis.



Part 2:

I often use two separate places when studying; Willis Library on campus, as well as the desk in my bedroom. On my desk I have a slot for paper, as well as a drawer for pencils, and pens to the side so if I need them I don’t have to search for them. Whenever I am on campus and have time to work on my online assignments and such, I will go to the second floor of Willis and sit in a little cubicle with just my laptop and my backpack which will have any supplies I need to take notes.


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