Reflection 2

Part 1:

I own a Macbook Pro laptop. I purchased this laptop my freshman year because it was the recommended laptop for incoming students, and had the compatibilities for Radio/Television/Film work, which was my original major. I was told by my older brother, as well as many friends that had Macs that the Mac OS X operating system was the smoothest and easiest to operate. A benefit to owning my laptop is that it is easily portable. I am able to carry it around to different places and it also fits easily into my backpack. It also is not that heavy so I am able to carry my school books in my backpack too. Something negative about owning a laptop is that it can only last a certain amount of time holding a charge and I also need to have a charger handy regularly. There also is not much use for my laptop if I do not have Wi-fi or internet connection because basically everything I need requires internet access. I need internet to check my emails, school assignments, and a variety of other things. Because my laptop was recently purchased there is still a lot of memory on it, but if I needed more memory then I would have to use my external hard drive. My pictures, documents, music and other torrent downloads all take up memory on my laptop; however I have several GB of memory not reached my memory limit.

Macbook Pro [Online image] available via web;jsessionid=B462B70152778DCE3CA83135C9B6518C?id=cat13506&type=page&skuId=3109296&productId=1218379464935&defurl=false&viewtype=largeFrontView&h=504

Part 2:

Goal – Biology Lab

• Objective 1: Pick an experiment or test

• Objective 2: Do research about the test itself.

• Objective 3: Set up the experiment.

• Objective 4: Concoct a hypothesis.

• Objective 5: Set up variables.

• Objective 6: Test hypothesis.

• Objective 7: Record data based on experiment.

• Objective 8: Review whether hypothesis was correct.

• Objective 9: Fill in worksheet in the biology workbook.

• Objective 10: Examine whether experiment was successful or not.

This was a project I had to do last spring for my Biology 1010 Lab. We had to pick an experiment involving genetics, and select the best way we thought it could be tested. Then we had to do some of research about the topic and the test. We had to test our hypothesis in class as well as guidelines to go by. We then had a worksheet in our workbooks where we had to fill in the blanks and record our observations.


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