Reflection 5

Thinking Puzzle. [Photo]. Copyright Jenny Wakefield. Used with permission.

a) I see what looks like stacks of paper in front of one of the girls. There is also another stack of paper to the left of the same girl. The stacks appear to be rectangular shape tickets or cards of some kind. I also see something in the right bottom corner of the picture that looks like coins or something, but I am not positive.

b) I used to think that the girls were just looking towards something, possibly an explosion. This is still a possibility, but originally in didn’t foresee stacks of paper in front of them. I also thought that the girls may be seamstresses in a sweatshop, which may still be true although no machinery or clothing articles have been revealed in the picture yet. Now i also think that maybe the girls may be working at an outdoor bazaar of some kind, assuming the objects on the bottom right are coins or some kind of currency.  I also think that one girl is sitting at a table, while that other girl is standing near the table.

c) I wonder where these girls are. Judging by the clothes, I’d say the middle East or India. I also wonder what the stacks of papers in front of them are. What kind of work are the girls doing if any? Are they in a sweatshop, or are they selling whatever the stacks are at market. I still wonder what they are looking at.


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