Reflection 11

Part 1:

It is common practice in this day and age for people to post information about themselves on the internet. However, careless release of personal information can have consequences such as identity theft and hacking. Personally, I make sure my information stays private and also I am meticulous as to what I post on what forum. Certain information should never be posted in a public forum. Most websites allow for you to edit your privacy settings and know who is able to access the information put out on the internet. Measures must be taken to insure that personal information and accounts are secure. In order to protect my computer and identity from theft and malicious software intrusion, I make sure I have an anti-virus installed on my computer that can help protect my computer and filter out unknown emails with viruses. I also delete my browsing history make sure that my computer does not remember any passwords so that someone can’t get on my computer and log into my stuff.

Part 2:

1) Facebook has the pro of being a forum used by most everyone in the world, making it a good place to post discussion for class. Most people that have a Facebook check it routinely, meaning students would be on the forum regularly. Many students on Facebook use the chat function to discuss homework and class assignments among other things. A con of using Facebook would be that whatever you post would be out there for the world to see. For an online class, all of your classmates, many of whom you don’t know, would also have access to your information. I usually keep my information and pictures private on my Facebook and don’t like strangers being able to see my stuff. For an online class, fellow classmates would have to have access to each others pages to be able to connect and such.

2) One of the pros of using Twitter for an online discussion would be the ease in which one can reply to a blog post or posts, as well as the ability for people to quickly find and see who posted what. Twitter makes it easy to see who responded to past posts, so a response made to a posting from weeks ago wouldn’t be an issue. A con would be that Twitter has different words for many things and can be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with it. Posts also must be made in a certain amount of characters, disallowing long drawn out answers. It can be hard to keep track of different discussions and postings going on if the forums are not checked daily. I can relate to this issue personally as I often go weeks without logging onto my Twitter account.

3) I think Facebook would be a better medium than Twitter for an online class. The main reasons being that A) more people have a Facebook than Twitter and B) Facebook tends to be more user friendly than Twitter. I have both a Twitter and Facebook account and I use Facebook for more often than Twitter. Facebook also allows you to create groups with a member only invitation, which could be useful in an online class for providing students with a specialized discussion platform. As far as I know, Twitter does not currently have this function. Many universities currently use Facebook already to connect with students and provide updates and alerts for various activities and events going on around campus.


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