Reflection 7

Part 1

a) In the reflection post, my partner noticed that the girls in the picture were surrounded by many other people. She also noticed that several girls were wearing headwear such as bandanas or hairnets, and were wearing aprons over their clothes. It was also noted that some of the girls were facing back while others were not.

b) I think my partner played close attention to the the original individuals in the picture. She tried to figure out what they were doing in the room and what their role contributed to the overall picture. She focused more so on the girls and what they were doing, and less on the environment or what the overall picture was portraying.

c) From the very beginning I realized that there were numerous possibilities for what the overall picture may end up being. While I stood by a couple of theories, my choices were quickly whittled down to a handful the more clues that were introduced each week. I realized the importance of details such as where people are standing as well as where they are facing overall. This stimulated thought as to what they were looking at or what was going on around them. It is also important what each person was wearing as well as what skin color or nationality they were as it triggered past knowledge about cultures and what not. It’s interesting to think how much age, race, and clothing can contribute to the overall opinion of folks.


Part 2

I live in a totally different part of the country than most of my family. Therefore it is tougher to communicate with them regularly than my immediate family. Most of them are not accustomed to using the social media that I mostly use, therefore texting and telephone calls are the most effective way to keep in touch. Some of them are just now getting accustomed to Facebook, Twitter and other forms of electronic media. I prodominantly use my cell phone for texting and internet, but also use it for e-mail and Facebook. I am not a big user of e-mail, using if mostly for school and work. I have, however gotten addicted to Twitter as of late. I post on that medium quite regularly.


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